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Coats, Colours & Sizes

Fleece coat 
Is a soft loose curl or shaggy 'look'.  These coats, whilst is very unlikely the dog will ever shed, a fleece coat can not be 100% guaranteed not to shed.
Wool coat 
Is a tight curly coat, more like the poodle coat and will 100% not shed. I recommend this coat for allergy sufferers or those allergic to dog hair. 
Hair coat 
Is a coarse coat that will shed. You will get mostly this coat from a first generation mating, ie F1  - poodle to golden retriever. We DO NOT do first cross breeding (F1), hence we do not produce this type of unfavourable coat.
ALL coats are maintained by regular brushing and clipping. 
Our Mini Groodles - will weigh between  8kg to 15kgs when mature.  Please note, depending on which parent dogs we use, the pups will mature to somewhere in the weights listed, depending on who we use in the mating,  ie.,  they can be at the lower or higher end of the scale.    We can advise the approximate size of your pup from the mating/litter you apply for.  Head will be at knee Height or lower, once again, depending which of our dogs we use in the mating.
Our Cavoodles  - will weigh will between 4kg to 11 kgs when mature.  Approximately height to mid shin.  Once again, depending on the parents we use, will determine the mature weight of the puppy.
Our Standard Groodles  -  we no longer do Standard size Groodles.
Peaches and Cream Mini Cavoodle 🥰. Bubb









cream caramel

chocolate parti

blue parti merle 

choc merle.jpg

chocolate merle


chocolate merle 


chocolate parti merle 

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