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Bella-Lealta Mini Groodles
& Cavoodles

First & Foremost an Ethical Pet Breeder

A little bit about who we are & what we do...

We are a small home breeder of Mini Groodles  and Cavoodles, breeding assistance, therapy and family dogs, who are healthy, intelligent, loyal and loving.  We are are proud to be the FIRST & ORIGINAL breeder of the stunning MERLE Mini Groodles and Cavoodles in Australia. 


We breed GENUINE Mini Groodles, we have bred our dogs down through the generations to enable us to achieve this, our dogs are Multi-generational, and our puppies we offer are too, ie they can be forth, fifth or sixth generation!


Keep in mind when looking for a puppy, when you are told one parent is an F1, an F1 is a first generation dog, i.e., a standard dog to a mini dog.  We do NOT do first generation (F1),  it is really luck of the draw from a first generation breeding what size your puppy will end up as a mature dog.   Consistency over the years of breeding and careful pairing of the adult dogs is what produces a GENUINE Multi -generational Mini Groodle!


All our adult dogs are genetically health tested with ORIVET, for ALL heritable diseases which may be associated  with the origin breeds.  All our dogs and puppies are fed premium kibble and a raw diet of meat and vegetables, are reguarlary wormed and treated with tick and flea products.


We are located at the foothills of the beautiful Watagan Mountains, in between Sydney and Newcastle in Lake Macquaire, NSW.  Approximately one and a half hours drive from Sydney, and forty-five minutes from Newcastle.   Our dogs are our family pets, who do not live in kennels, and are able to run to their hearts content on our 88 acre property. They enjoy the dam and shady grassed paddocks, and most importantly allowed to be DOGS! Those that dont live here with us, live in Guardian Homes and come back to us to have their puppies or engage in stud services........these families are throrougly screened and hand chosen by us to ensure our dogs/puppies are going to homes that will care for them with as much love and care as what we offer here at Bella-Lealta.


Our puppies are exposed to all of life's little pleasures of being a doggy, rolling in the kangroo poo, smelling the goats through the fence, investigating the chickens, plus all the noise that goes on our property, chainsaws, tractors and machinery.  They will be trained to potty on fake turf by the time they go home and will have also started crate training.  We supply our families with our very own "Bella-Lealta Bible", this has been compiled by us over the years to include lots of helpful hints regarding training, also medications (tick/Flea) frequency, food they have been raised on, and a miriad of other helpful information.  


What makes our dogs and puppies stand out from the rest???  At Bella-Lealta we are all about the TEMPERAMENT of the dog, whilst we do tick all the boxes of coat types, colours and is the temperament of our dogs we are famous for!


Whilst we welcome your emails  for initial enquiries, please note, we wil never sell a puppy to you without speaking with you whilst I may be a little hard to get hold of on the phone at times, please perservere if you are genuinely interested in welcoming a Bella baby to your family :) 


Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia

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