Groodle and Labradoodle sizes, coat types, and colours
Fleece coat is a soft loose curl or shaggy 'look'.  These coats, because we breed multi generational or backcross to the poodle for, example an F1B it is very unlikely the dog will ever shed.  Example - Jesse James, Maisey-Ella, Blush and Pixie
Wool coat is a tight curly coat, more like the poodle coat and will not shed. I recommend this coat for allergy suffers or those allergic to dog hair. Example - Nellie, Dobby, Theo
Hair coat is a coarse coat that will shed. You will get mostly this coat from a first cross mating, ie poodle to golden retriever. We do
NOT do first cross breeding
All coats are maintained by regular brushing and clipping. 
Our Standard Groodles  -  will weigh between low 20kgs for girls up to 30kgs. Height is approximately  above knee to mid thigh.  We refer to our  Standard Groodles as medium standards.  Some breeders standard Groodles can mature to 45kgs!! 
Bella-Lealta Groodles will NEVER be that big!
Our Mini - Medium Groodles - will weigh between 8kg to 16kgs when mature.  Please note, depending on which dogs we use,
the pups will mature to somewhere in the weights listed, depending on who we use in the mating,  ie.,  they can be at the lower or higher end of the scale.    We can advise the approxima-te size of your pup from the mating/litter you apply for.  Head will be at knee Height or lower, 
once again, depending which of our mini/mediums we use.
Our Cavoodles  - will weight between 4 to 8 kilos.
Coat colours
Please refer to the dogs mentioned below in the galleries to clarify color.  For a more updated list go the "Who's Who at the Zoo"
albums on my fb page, all dogs will have a description if you click on the photo, for example, Wilma - Std Groodle, red fleece coat. Each
photo in the fb album is labelled with what the dog is in coat type, colour, size, ect.
Please click the link above  BEFORE calling us to talk about coats and we both understand what you are requesting
in the way of coat type and colour.
Please note, facebook pics are more up to date and current than website pics.
Red - Theo,Wilma, Archie, Lucy, Jellie, Mango, Honey, Bluey
Gold / Apricot - Wink, Blush, Pumpkin, Fairy, Ruby-Rose
Caramel - Ruby, Ruby-Rose
Chalk - April, Rosie, Lola, Pollywaffle
Cafe - Hazel
Black Maisey-Ella, Mista, Maybelle
Chocolate - Nellie, Meggie, Coconut, Louise, Darcy, Little Maisey
Parti - ( Meaning particularly coloured)  Cyril, Peppa, Moo, Lily
Chocolate Merle - Mr Bojangles
Blue Merle - Obi wan Kenobi
All puppies come desexed, microchipped, first vaccine, vet checked, puppy pack, will have been wormed with Milbemax every two weeks since birth, 6 weeks pet insurance and a Nexgard treatment before they leave me.

We are small 'boutique' breeders of Groodles, Cavoodles & Labradoodles...and sometimes we occasionally have Double Doodles!

Breeding assistance, therapy and family dogs who are intelligent, loyal and

loving dogs....that are part of our family, and be part of yours!

They are not kennelled and enjoy all the benefits of living a full life on

our family property..




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